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At CitiStaff, our expertise extends across multiple industries, but we’re particularly adept at placing candidates for jobs in finance, accounting and marketing. As a matter of fact, we have the best financial recruiters and marketing recruiters in the country. Because of the cost and complications associated with finding candidates, many companies turn to CitiStaff for help.

Finance & Accounting:

We live in a tech driven global economy. The market needs sharp minds that understand financial principles and can apply their skills in a fast-paced environment. Providing financial solutions for clients can be difficult, requiring superb math and communications skills. The qualifications have recently become even more stringent, as employers crave candidates who can flourish in a dynamic digital environment.

At CitiStaff, we understand all of this. Whether you’re a client or a candidate, we have a cadre of dedicated financial recruiters eager to help. We use creative financial staffing measures to match employees with companies, a formula that’s proven effective time and time again.


Marketing is one of the most exciting fields in the workplace. You get to collaborate, be creative, and if you’re lucky enough, work with some of the coolest brands in the world. Because of the creative aspects of the work, marketing jobs are especially popular among young college graduates. While this dynamic makes workplaces fun and vibrant, it makes employment opportunities hard to come by for inexperienced candidates – unless you have CitiStaff on your side!

Marketing is the bridge that connects brands with consumers. While the industry is changing, the need for good marketers is not. In fact, the proliferation of social media and advent of technologies such as smartphones and tablets have only made marketers more valuable, as brands search for cutting edge ways to communicate and resonate with consumers.

To reflect new trends and technologies, marketing now consists of various concentrations and disciplines, including digital marketing, print marketing, social marketing and market research.

Are you a client?

We have a long record of success and a full database of candidates, earning us the trust of top companies across the country. And yet, our greatest asset is our team of passionate, knowledgeable and experienced recruiters who won’t settle until you’ve found the perfect candidate.

Are you a candidate?

Let us work for you! We have the most dedicated and responsive recruiters in the business. We’re the first to know when jobs become available and will quickly send new opportunities your way.

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Here are some of the financial and accounting careers available at this time:

Here are some of the marketing jobs available at this time:


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