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Ann Arbor is one of Michigan’s most flourishing cities. Home to the prestigious University of Michigan, Ann Arbor has earned its distinction as one of the best places to establish roots and enjoy a fulfilling life. The city has recovered from the departure of Pfizer and Borders with exciting new additions such as Barracuda Networks and Hyatt. The city is primed for even more growth in the near future.

In recent years, Ann Arbor’s reputation has received an even greater boost. The city was ranked on Forbes list of “Best Places for Business and Careers in 2013” and named one of the “Top 50 Cities Leading the Economic Recovery” by Area Development Magazine. In 2012, Ann Arbor was ranked No. 7 on US News and Report’s “Best Cities in America to Find a Job.” Top Industries in Ann Arbor include:

Automotive Research, Development & Manufacturing


Life Sciences & Health Care

Alternative Energy & Cleantech

Homeland Security & Defense

Optics & Sensors

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