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Human Resources is one the most important departments within any organization, responsible for several key functions that help companies grow, manage themselves and comply with laws. In today’s competitive marketplace, the Human Resources industry has remained a thriving and desirable field for both recent college graduates and veterans of the workforce.

Among their core duties, HR workers are charged with identifying and hiring candidates, training new employees, assessing personnel performance and, in some cases, planning events and activities to keep morale high. Just as importantly, human resources staffers are tasked with ensuring their companies are compliant with oft-changing employment and labor laws.

Because of the wide range of responsibilities associated with HR positions, some companies struggle to find the right candidates. Consequently, more and more employers are turning to the experts at CitiStaff for help.

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We have a long record of success and a full database of candidates, helping us earn the trust of top companies across the country. And yet, our greatest asset is our team of passionate and experienced HR recruiters who won’t settle until they’ve found the perfect candidate for your open position.

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Let us work for you! We have the most dedicated and responsive HR recruiters in the business. We’re the first to know when HR jobs become available, and will quickly send new opportunities your way.

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From start-ups to Fortune 500 clients, we approach industry needs with an unmatched sense of enthusiasm, integrity and commitment, fitting the most qualified candidates with the most appropriate corporate positions.


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Meet our Team

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