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Mike Gabos

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Michael Gabos began his career working for a privately owned professional staffing company in 1994. He rose to manager of branch recruiting before being recruited himself by a a leading global provider of end-to-end, technology-enabled business solutions. Mike managed 70 plus technical personnel for a Y2K project. Clients included Kmart Corporation, Hollywood Studios, Maxell Corporation, University of Michigan, and Oxford Health Plans, Inc before leaving to start his own business.

In 1999, Mike founded Citistaff and soon after hired Craig Petersmark as partner and Vice President. The company has grown organically for the past 13 years into a successful multi-million dollar human capital solutions provider today. While still active in day-to-day activity Mike oversees operations; assisting in the management of internal staffing, marketing communications, and strategic direction.

Mike is a graduate of Central Michigan University, he’s an avid fly fisherman, enjoys golf, snowboarding, and spending time with family and friends.

Craig Petersmark

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Craig Petersmark is Co-Owner and Vice President of Citistaff inc. He became the company’s first and only VP in July of 1999. Mr. Petersmark has over 20 years of Staffing experience in Recruiting, Sales, Operations, and Management.

Since joining Citistaff in 1999, Petersmark has facilitated and led the Sales and Financial Operations within multiple divisions. He organized partnerships and Business development programs within 30 States.

In 2003, Citistaff was selected as one of the fastest growing Staffing companies in the State of MI. Petersmark has invested in other companies to promote growth in the great State of Michigan. In 2010 he became CEO of Green Arrow Enterprise and is currently serving on the Board of Directors. As CEO, a role in which he’s focused on driving the company’s growth and mission to deliver innovative, energy-efficient services. Under Petersmark’s guidance, Green Arrow Enterprise also aims to usher in a new era of Services catered to the Energy market across the Greater Midwest. The company also is focused on bringing other services to Market.

Gabos and Petersmark have invested in other companies to promote growth in the great State of Michigan and both are members of Green Arrow Enterprise.


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